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  • Adee Kaye Watch AK7777
  • Adee Kaye AK5582-M Vintage Stainless Watch
  • Adee Kaye Watch AK7779
  • Adee Kaye Watch AK6463

Adee Kaye Releases

Adee Kaye Watch AK7281

This is one intriguing watch from start to finish.  This watch has a double layer face with a pressurized multi-part case.  Then beyond all of this the spring on the side of the case are color code with each individual model to give this watch even more flare!

Adee Kaye Watch AK7777

Adee Kaye Watch AK7777 is an impressive chronograph watch boasting loads of features, style, and quality.  One of the major facts about this watch that stands out is that it is made of solid titanium, however this is only the start.  The AK7777 has a independent timezone smartly placed on the left side of the case for easy viewing and adjusting.  The 3 dimensional styling and overall design of this watch is revalutionary.  Speaking of revolutionary the numbers and hour markers on this watch use a technology called Super Luminova, which is awesome.  So that means no matter what color the numbers and hour markers are they glow in the dark.  In fact in the video for the AK7777 the watch that was shot in the dark has a white face with black numbers and hour markers just to show you a brief example.  This chronograph watch is an eye catcher, built like a tank, and cutting edge style that Adee Kaye is known for.  

Adee Kaye AK5582-M Vintage Stainless Watch

This classic watch would have worked 100 years ago and should look good in the years to come as well.  The Adee Kaye AK5582 uses what we call a retro grade leather in this classic watch.  This is a leather strap has a different look than the standard split leather with it thin feel and easy to wear through.  This leather is extremely thick with heavy duty stitching.  You may also notice that this watch uses Vintage Stainless Steel giving the watch a totally different feel and ruggedness.  Enjoy another special watch by Adee Kaye!

Adee Kaye Watch AK7779

Adee Kaye watch AK7779 is a very sporty and sophisticated watch.  This watch uses an exciting combination of style, materials, textures, and colors.  These make great watches for those that can appreciate a sporty watch that incorporates extra feature sets.  One of the features we will mention right from the start is the quality and extra detail put into the face of this watch to help it stand out from the crowd.  The refreshing styling is supported by comfortability and durability.  The watch case is actually made of light weight Aluminum with high-end plating that not only looks nice, but wears quite nice as well.  View this part of the website for more official details regarding the AK7779 and even an AK7779 video.  The list of features goes onto include an interesting quick release crown protect and durable silicone strap with matching stitching.  The end result is a durable, stylish, and sophisticated watch that is comfortable to wear.

Adee Kaye Watch AK6463

The Adee Kaye AK6463 brings the added elegance of having both and official exhibition back on both the front and back of the case to showcase intricately designed automatic movement.  Then on top of this the watch is accented in 78 stones.  Dig deeper into the site and you will see a video to show the detail and official design features of this Adee Kaye Watch.  You will also notice the proper smooth link stainless steel band that helps to take an already very interesting watch to the next level.  A very dressy watch with a very interesting and fashionable automatic movement.

Adee Kaye Watch AK5577

This military grade watch has a lot of nice features that both a military or a business man can appreciate.  To start of the Adee Kaye AK5577 is made of solid stainless steel in a very ruff, rugged, durable, and stylish format.  The crown used on this watch is oversized which is both stylish and functional.  The large crowns are the current trend and very useful for those in intense situations or even wearing gloves.  The AK5577 also uses official Swiss ISA Chronograph Movement that can be very practical in a wide range of uses.  It may be hard to tell from the pictures but the case of these watches have a very interesting design.  In fact the base of the case is significantly wider than the top of the case.  This gives the AK5577  a very stable look and lower drag on clothing.  Quality materials are used from start to finish as is the case with all Adee Kaye watches.

Adee Kaye Watch AK7211

The Adee Kaye watch AK7211 really has set the standard in style in the Russian Diver market.  The AK7211 uses very stylish 3D numbers and hour markers to bring new life to the Russian Diver Watch market.  You can view a collection of some of our current models directly on our website.  Then beyond this new models come and go with this standard.  Notice the sporty styling and how the numbers, hands, and o ring in the crown protection all match up.  A great for watch collectors and those who want a handsomely sized diver watch that screams taste and style!

Adee Kaye Review – What you like about Adee Kaye Watches

This section of our website we give everybody the chance to voice what they officially like about Adee Kaye Watches, whether they are new to Adee Kaye or have been enjoy them since the 1990′s.  So, let’s here it and we want to thank everyone for their feedback.   Enjoy!